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>>> sandy is no longer a hurricane. this is downtown new york city. wind and waves are causing huge problems there. i'm dan ashley. super storm sandy is being blamed for ten deaths. thousands of people are without power. utilities pulled the plug when water begin spilling over the seawall. the area of manhattan was dark chbdz. it extends from 29th street, south of times square. t.j. is live in cape may, new jersey. >> good evening. sandy may have made landfall several hours ago, but the winds have picked up considerably since then. it undoubtedly means many more power outages across the northeast. >> sandy made landfall in southern new jersey packing 80 mile-per-hour winds. before coming ashore the wrath and strength of this super storm was wreaking havoc throughout the northeast. recording breaking high tides and rough surf battered the coastline. roads washed away as communities got hit hard by flooding. water was pouring into ground zero in new york. more than 3 million people are without power in 11 states. part of the city that never sleeps is in the dark. the wall of a four st
ambassador stevens held tomorrow in the rotunda at san francisco city hawchlt take place at 4:30. senator feinstein and libya ambassador to the yous are expected to attend. stevens grew up in piedmont and graduate from uc berkeley and hastings school of law. that's why the memorial held here. those ties to our area. >> the state public utility commission has named a man as republic you twaition peace make tore celts talk over the san bruno pipeline explosion. former senator mitchell of maine who won the nobel peace prize for brokering a 1998 peace treaty in northern ireland has been appointed to mediate talk was pg&e. he will oversee talk between the utility and the public utility commission. city of san francisco and san bruno and turn that's a local consumer group. they have been unable to reach an agreement on how much pg&e should pay for its negligence san bruno and whether stockholders or rate payers should foot the bill. turn raised an objection to mitchell selection in the role calling it a back room deal. and that everyone should have had a role in picking a mediator. >> wel
>> pack house tonight at the oakland city council meeting where emotions are on edge. why things started spiraling out of control? good evening. the city manager closed off the balcony tonight. they said it was for safety reasons. but it setoff the crowd before the city council meeting ever even started. overflow crowd refused to watch the meeting ma separate room and chanted outside the council chbers. they were there demanding the police reportedly officer involved shooting death of allen blue ford. police claim he had a gun when they shot him last may. >> we are just trying to get answers and we say it and say it and haven't been able to get answers. at ever turn shut down. we have been discourage discouraged. we have been treated badly. >> but don't just come and yel yell. because that doesn't change anything. come and work with us to change the policies and procedures. >>reporter: crowd continued to shout down the council for about an hour before city councilman reid handed over his cope of the police report to blue ford parents. there it is in hisrtz hand. late
, dumping trash and stealing his motorcycle from city hall. >> i will say that the number of acts of vandalism i have been subjected to over the recent past causes me to believe that this incident is related to my position as mayor and not as my position as an attorney. >> reporter: neither the mayor nor investigators will publicly speculate about why he is being targeted. davis has recently been confronted with anger over several officer involved shootings in the city and he last called on the attorney general to investigate. residents supported him. >> i think he is resilient. i am hoping things will go well. >> i think it's unfortunate that criminal elements is running rampant in our city. >> the whole city, it's about safety. >> they have provided extra security for davis and his family. the lieutenant in charge of the investigation says the possibility of domestic terrorism has not been ruled out. >> it's serious. any time you have violence against someone in public office, that is serious. >> davis says he doesn't fear for his safety and told me he considers it a bump in the
buried. atlantic city, scenes from above the iconic boardwalk now in ruins. recovery in the garden state just beginning, but today saving lives was the top priority. >> you can't walk, she can't walk but she is not injured and we're just waiting to reunite her with her daughter. >> first responders also racing to save lives in new york, boats navigating the streets of staten island across the street from manhattan. tirfied 3-year-old lifted into the arms of safety. rescue crews are expected to work through the night to make sure people that are stranded in their homes are able to get to safety. >> dan: one family said they moved their belongings four feet off the floor in their home. problem is they got five feet of water. so it all flooded. >> so many deaths and injuries have been caused by falling trees, crashing on to roads and into houses. some incredible video from people not knowing what they were about to see. here is david curly. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. >> 16-year-old taping it all from his window. first a neighbor's tree. then a tree snapped in their front yard. if that wasn'
are getting new help now from the chp to help patrol city streets. 7 news reporter thomas roman has more. >>reporter: oakland is seeing the crime rate sky rocket and homicide rate already 20 percent higher than it was all last year. so not surprising the city has called for reinforce ments. the city announced california highway patrol and alameda county sheriff's department will begin helping patrol oakland starting next week. 103 homicides so far this year. oakland police department has been under staffed over-worked and out numbered at times by occupy protestors. the city has been asking for help for the past few weeks and now the governor has authorized the chp to patrol oakland streets. specific have not been worked out nor the funding for the additional patrols but the mayor says the money is available and police chief howard jordan admits he needs the help. >> as long as they can be here we can afford therjs be realistic. whether i'm asking the sheriff to do is for 90 day operation and reasichlts i can afford some level of cooperation between the highway patrol and the sheri
civic center. this is the place to be. the city is going to celebrate, major league baseball. people from all over the bay area came here to share fun with giants fans. fortunately tonight they pulled it out in the tenth inning getting the run they needed. celebration has just begun. police officers are here to make sure things don't get out of the hand. most of the crowd is sober because alcohol was not allowed. we'll have more tonight at 11:00 >> people everywhere celebrating in the streets of san francisco, waving their flags. this is 22nd and mission. you are looking live 7 hd. they are so jubilant this evening. live at at&t park tonight. sergio quintana has joined the celebration there. >> reporter: we're crazy out here. probably about 20 minutes or so. in just the last few minutes, king street has been shut down there. are sea of people wandering over to at&t park. you can see this huge crowd of people here starting to make their way across king street. lots of police out here as well trying to keep a little bit of semblance of order. let me show you over here, at at&t park, th
in prison. >> dan: crime is up so the city of oakland may be looking at outsourcing part of police department. sheriff's deputies and highway patrolman would work until cadets finish their training. burglaries are up about 40%. the city has already recorded 100 homicides. right now the police force is 629 officers. that is down from a high of 837 four years ago. officers are currently required to work overtime just to fail staffing levels. >>> a judge set bail at half a million for each of the two men charged with stabbing a football fan outside sunday's 49ers game. 22-year-old christopher yanna and another man were reigned today at san francisco city hall of justice of them pleaded not guilty to assault with a deadly weapon. the incident escalated into a physical confrontation because the victim was wearing a dallas cowboys jersey. >>> we're following the playoff run by the san francisco giants. >> in the center. game three, up two games to one. >> giants lose 3-1. the game ended on over an hour ago, delayed because of rain. wayne freedman is in st. louis. >> when it is wet outsid
to the death of their son. last night's city council meeting filled once again with family and supporter who accuse police and city leaders of dragging their feet and releasing details on the may 6th shooting and worse concealing key elements of the investigation. >> unfortunately, it takes time. >> reporter: city council member larry reed said the family deserves to know the truth and so does the public. >> people want answers then theyshouldlet te pross run it crse. it is iumbe upoallf the paies to make sure we provide them with the answers. >> the okafor police chief claims he is doing hess best to provide the answers. he released a report last night on the investigation. he says the report will not answer all questions but will provide independently corroborated facts. >> one that should have and could have been given months ago. >> oakland attorney john burris is representing the family in the wrongful death suit against the it city and says the police report provides some basic information but also raises more questions than it answers. >> a number of witnesses did not see the young ma
the rising murder rate in the city and his plea comes at the same time his department is under the threat of a federal take over. nick smith is on the story. >> i think a lot of these issues are in pockets where if you are playing with that crowd then that's what's going to happen. >>reporter: she appears to be right. she opened the barbecue here 10 months ago. knows about the violence that plague the city but it has avoided her and the restaurant. she thinks she knows why. >> we communicate with the people in the neighborhood and look out for us. >>reporter: communicate. that's what oakland city leaders are trying to do. >> many in our community are reluctant to come forward with information. >>reporter: oakland police chief jordan led a press conference focusing on the city effort to reduce crime. rash of gun violence left 5 people dead in less than 24 hours raising the number of those killed by gun violence in the city of oakland to 90. today the department introduced tip watch. new tool to fight crim crime. >> this is one of many ways that you can help reduce violent crimes
detractors. suspended sheriff mirkarimi and wife lopez were greeted by strong supporters at city hall. witing cwd gr to about 0 or more. most of them seem to be his admirers. mark ream and lopez spoke to us outside. >> i am so happy with all the support. i hope the mayor and supervisors listen to the people because this is the message. >> it's culmination after 10 months of what has been an amazing ordeal agonizing to our family and to the san francisco family, frankly. >>reporter: meeting started promptly at 2 with packed chamber and standing room only at 2 overflow rooms. first the ethic commission president spoke about the members decision in august. >> by 4-1 vote the commission decided that the mayor had sustained the charges of official misconduct on the basis of the physicalbuse from the sheriff. >>reporter: deputy city attorney kaiser presented the mayor case. asking the supervisors to uphold his suspension. >> the sheriff in his testimony to them deliberately minimized and sanitized his account of the events of december 31. that he was not truthful. that he was not forthcomin
in 160 days to go on ballot. no one has come to city hall to officially inquire about the process. mirkarimi goes back on his job next week. >>> well the rift between san jose mayor and the police and fire union is growing tonight. union have been at war with mayor reid over pay cut an pension reform and now accusing him of breaking the law. david lieu has the latest from san jose. >>reporter: campaign mayoral would you expect to see with election over 3 weeks away. but they have caught the eye of the san jose police and fire union. they think they are being financed by what they consider an illegal transfer of 100,000 dollars from one independent campaign fund to another. >> on tuesday i spoke with 3 different campaign law attorneys and took them through these facts. all 3 of them saind givecly this is a clear violation of the law. >>reporter: so the union filed a complaint with the state fair political practice commission. the complaint single out mayor reid. they have been locking horns with him over 10% pay cut and pension reform to ease the city budget deficit. >> i wo
. >> giant play off game just one of many events turning this weekend into traffic mess for the city of san francisco. big event big crowd. 1 million visitors expected to kilometer into the city this wednesday. america's cup. world series. along the embarcadero hardly strictly blue grass festival in golden gate park. giants have my off games at 6:30 p.m. both saturday and sunday. lus the castro street fair and ilian heritage parade on sunday and that doesn't even include fleet week. >> that's always a thrill. blue angel practicing over san francisco this afternoon for the show this weekend. 7 news with a look at all of the hoopla going on around here. wayne? >>reporter: all right san francisco. are you ready? >> ready for what? >>reporter: if she really needs to know. she should ask george. >> i have fleet week. i have the boat race on sunday. fr frainers playing sunday. i have the giants playing saturday and sunday. i got bieber playing saturday. i got madonna playing saturday and sunday. tive the ucla playing cal. >>reporter: in short estimated 1 million people trying to g
broke the gls at city hall and smashes windows in businesses. all this lasting about 30 minutes before the group dispersed. there is no word of anyone being arrested. we'll have a live report at 11:00 over on abc7. >>> good evening, i'm ama daetz. welcome to the first edition of abc news at 9:00. an emergency order by the governor as gas surprises spiked. average price is 4.65 a gallon but you can find plenty of stations selling gas at more than $5 a gallon. more from tomas ramon. >> rick of berkeley is filling up here in orinda. he says the price came as shock from what he paid a few days ago. >> it's gone up 50 cents since last time. >> reporter: the price of gasoline has gone up more than 50 cents in many bay area cities. some california gas prices are more than a dollar above the national average. price hike is blamed on few refinery problems in the state. governor brown asked treirns switch to a winter formula of gas. he says that will bring in 8-10% more supply spelling relief to drivers and businesses. they find the percentages a bit optimistic. >> if it is right, that would hav
much all of this cost the city attorney's offense i office inl fees, it is is $1.2 million. vic lee, abc 7 news. >>> sports is making news tonight santa rosa cyclist levi leipheimer has been suspended. he is banning for taking part in what it calls the most sophisticated professionalized and successful doping program the sport has seen and at the center of the program says the government lance armstrong based on 1,000 pages of testimony, lab results and financial transactions the agency says that armstrong used drugs while cycling and demanded that teammates dopas well. >>> the giants staid alive in the best of five series with cincinnati, beating the reds today. the fans are confident and they were before tonight's game. >> i want everyone to swing. let's go oakland! >> the home field advantage. the a's have done it before. >> so much excitement at the coliseum. as we speak, though, the a's have a little work to do in the the game between the a's and the giants it is like christmas, though, for bay area sports fans. lots of fun. sports director larry beil is here with the latest on
. hundreds of people packed city hall to honor ambassador christopher stevens. guest speaker included representative barbara lee and former secretary of state george shuttle. they talked about how stevens helped create a positive relationship between the u.s. and the middle east. stevens family says despite his work over seas as ambassador he still had a very active role in their family. >> chris was a huge presence in our family. though he lived far away he had a lot of friend. very challenging job. he always came home and when he came home for christmas for our wedding for hilary baby shower he was really there. he wasn't text messaging. he wasn't e mailing. he was running with us. playing tennis. eating. drinking. telling stories. and extracting our stories. >>reporter: stevens has tie to the bay area graduating from uc berkeley and uc sf hastings school of law. >> oracle 72 foot america cup yacht being towed back to port after capsizing in the bay this afternoon then being swept out to sea. past the golden gate bridge. roughly 10 million dollar at that time may ran h
opinions through donations. >>> well, who should take care of san francisco trees? the city or private property owner sns that's the debate raging in san francisco tonigh tonight. carolyn tyler has the story. >> s francisco homeowner are upset after receiving notices telling them that they not the city will now be responsible for taking care of the trees in front of their property. some people have planted trees on their own and willingly and lovingly maintaining them. but most others have inherited the trees on the sidewalk outside their front door. in those cases the trimming and pruning is something the department of public works has been in charge of. but because of budget cuts the department now plans to turn over the well-being of 24,000 trees. to homeowners. it's not the first time but in the past property owners who did not weren't the responsibility could ocht to have the trees cut down. that's no longer an option. supervisor scott weiner heard the concerns today and says another dedicated source of money needs to be found. perhaps a parcel tax. rather than forcing home
a company litigation of domestic violence groups held a rally outside city hall to urge the supervisors to oust mirkarimi from the position. >>> california gas prices set another record today. but the increases may end even before the cheaper winter blend of fuel reaches consumers. analyst say whole sale fuel prisons plunged today and that decline should be renreingted at the pump this week. triple a today shows the price at the pump state wide went up 2 cents over nature to 4.68. in san francisco the jump was a penny to 4.74. oakland saw a penny jump to 4.68 and san jose average was also 4.68 up 2 cents. now increment increases certainly compared to the 45 cents spike last week. annette explains tonight why relief is now in sight. >> hang on. price is coming down. >> not long after governor brown issued a weekend directive ordering state regulators to do whatever it took to ease gasoline praises, the california air resource board won fast approval from the u.s. epa to stop requiring expensive summer blend gasoline medley. since only 3 week before the normal switch over to win
for disciplinary actions. city received 11 27 complaints as a result of occupy. half of them reviewed and settled. as a result the department wants to fire 2 officers, demotel one, suspend 15, force 3 others to counseling and training and issue written reprimand to 23 officers. >> when people make allegations of misconduct we take it seriously. we investigate it and where we are wrong we will hold officers accountable. tl we weren't people to have faith in the complaint process and we take it seriously. >>reporter: today report also revealed new information about injured protestors scott olson who suffered a fractured skull remember after being struck by a police. remember. that chief howard jordan said today it was one of his officers who fired the bean bag not someone from an outside agency. >> 2 students at uc berkeley accused of decapitating an exotic bird at last vegas hote hotel. eric and justin who attend uc berkeley school of law were arrested this afternoon. they were reportedly captured on surveillance video chasing the bird into the trees and then carrying its body and severed
enthusiastic friday. coming up forbes magazine is without another list. what has the city of oakland ranked no. 3. that story coming up. >> plus college confidential. can social media hurt your children chances of getting into schools? >> also. pedal power whole new meaning for bicyclist. coming up. charging your smart phone on the go. >> and find out how you can help nasa investigate the meteor that fell to earth. landed somewhere in the bay >> new area code to the south bay and will impact the phone calls of nearly two million people every day. why? we explain. >>reporter: thanks to so many people with phone lines in santa clara county as of tomorrow those calling from land line will have to dial 1 plus the area code and the 7 digit phone number. >> inconvenient? >> yes kind of. actually a lot because all my numbers are saved like 4 08 so i have to change everything. >>reporter: not everything. if you are dialing from a cell phone you don't have to add the 1. but if you work in an office and say a large university you will have to change your dialing a bit. >> those of us doing it
. >> reporter: correa is suing the city, the police department and two individual officers. the police department says there is not a widespread problem of time card fraud. and when it is suspected, it is investigated, even prosecuteed. last week, police arrested one of their own from grand theft, stemming from alleged time card abuse. >> as police officer, the last thing that we want here in house at the police department is a dirty cop. it hurts the community. it hurts us as an organization. it's wrong. >> reporter: correa says recent pay cuts and pension reform measures have angered many officers and says the cheaters feel entitled to work the system. >> i worry about the officers going in there, because there is probably a bunch of people like me that just want to do the right thing... and they're -- they're on thin ice. >> reporter: a representative from the city attorney's office says it has reviewed the complaint and has found correa's claim to be unsubstantiated and will aggressively defend the lawsuit n. san jose, corina rust. >> barnes & nobles is warning customers that credi
thanks very much. >> crazy weather in yuba city. look at this tornado touched down 40 miles north of sacramento. national weather service had reported funnel clouds as well and downed tree trees, power lines and property damage. good news nobody was hurt. >> big, explosion like a crack. not even like thunder. it was like big tree splitting. >>reporter: the tornado also touched down near a golf course. caused some daniel to the nets around the driving range that was bit there were golfers on the course but nobody was injured. >>>. [applause] president obama and governor romney meet forth beginning of tonight third final debate before the election. this debate is crucial to both candidates. new abc "washington post"poll shows the race is now at a dead heat. just couple weeks before the election. tonight in boca raton president obama took every chance he could to remind voters that he is the one with experience in foreign policy. here's karen. >>reporter: tonight president obama took every chance he could to remind mitt romney and the voters watching at home that he is the on
of 60s going from redwood city. 63 to 60 degrees in san jose. it's still quite mild in antioch with 68 degrees. here is a look at the forecast, with clouds and patchy areas of dense fog. reduced visibility overnight. high clouds. it will be a warmer day for your monday. get ready for a mini heat wave. warm offshore winds develop as we go into tuesday and wednesday. temperatures going back up into the 90s. take a look at the forecast, we'll see the fog in the morning not so much inland locations, by sk or 2:00, most of it will burn back off. the reason for the high clouds this evening, we do have a cold front to the north of us. you can see the tail end of this front. some of these clouds will drift by overnight and tomorrow, but it looks like most of the rain will stay well to the pacific northwest. no rain for us out of this system. high clouds and temperatures will start to warm slightly as we head into our monday afternoon. once this front passes to the east, high pressure will really start to build in and by tuesday night and wednesday, those warm offshore winds will develop and te
speechless. this would be one of those occasions. city. made an impression on wayne. go giants. >>> well coming up. stock take the biggest drop since june. brace yourself for roller coaster few weeks. earning season. that story just ahead. >> plus the biggest one week plunge in gas price ins more than 4 years. find out where you can fill up for less than 3.50 a gallon these days. >> it is as tight a race as it could be. new presidential poll as candidate go coast to coast next 48 hours including a visit to california. >>> and you have heard about robbery at atm many, many times but how about stealing the entire machine? exactly how long it took in exactly how long it took in real time surveillance video. >> over the past week we have seen the biggest drop in gas prices in 4 years. gallon of gas costs you 12 cents less than last woke and praises expected to keep falling. analyst say it's because summer driving season is over and stations switched to winter blend fuel that are more efficient. gallon of gas cost 3.68 and there's one here selling for 3.39 on willow pass road by the wa
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24